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Saturday March 23rd

G1 QCRG Lake Effect Furies (147) vs RVRG Vixens (172)

Apologies for No Sound on Recording of Period 1 - Link from Bout Cast Audio Stream to Recorder Failed
G2 CN Power (155) vs OHRG Allstars (201)

G3 ToRD Bay Street Bruisers (324) vs QCRG Devil Dollies (88)
G4 OHRG Allstars (371) vs RVRG Vixens (38)

G5 ToRD CN Power (230) vs QCRG Lake Effect Furies (178)

Sunday March 24th

G6 ToRD Bruisers (207) vs OHRD Gang Green (112)
( Audio Problems with Period 1 )

G7 OHRD Allstars (211) vs QCRG Lake Effect Furies (125)
G8 ToRD CN Power (155) vs RVRG Vixens (168)